Sydney Opera house

Sydney Opera house

In 1956 the then New South Wales Premier Mr. Joe Cahill announced an international competition for the design of an Opera house for Sydney which attracted more than 200 entries from around the globe, the competition was eventually won by Jørn Utzon from Copenhagen his rather unusual design caught the attention of American judge Eero Saarinen and subsequently won and ended up being Sydney opera house architect 

The Sydney Opera House is classified as an “expressionist design” built from precast concrete with each spherical section measuring around 75mtrs in circumference and 183 meters long and 120 wide! The whole building covers around 4.5 acres and the huge structure is supported on 588 concrete piers that are sunk around 25 meters into the ground.

op Sydney Opera house

The Sydney Opera house venture experienced huge cost blow outs and the NSW Government nearly put a stop to the project and in 1966 things come to a head concerning the huge cost blow out associated with the Sydney Opera house interior design cost’s, causing Jorn Utzon to resign from the project, the completion Sydney Opera house was finished by others in 1973.
Some interesting facts on the Sydney Opera house facts and Sydney opera house history-as follows …

*The entire Sydney Opera house building all up weighs 161,000 tons it’s massive structure is supported on 580 concrete piers sunk up to 25 m into the ground.

*The huge and unusual roof structure of the Sydney Opera house is being supported on 32 concrete columns up to 2.5 m square.

*There is 400 miles of electrical cabling in the Sydney Opera house and the power supply is equivalent to that which could cater for a  of a town of 25,000 people.

*Sydney Opera house cost $AU 102,000,000 to build!

*There is 6,225 sq m (67,000 sq ft) of glass in the Sydney Opera house, all of this was made in France, it all sits inside the “mouths” of the roofs and other areas of the building.

*The first performance was in the Sydney Opera house Opera Theater on 28 September 1973 which was The Australian Opera’s production of “War and Peace “by Prokofiev.

*Some of the roof structures of the Sydney Opera house weigh in at up to 15 tons!

*The Sydney Opera house provides guided tours to around 200,000 people annually.

*The Opera house Sydney has over 2194 pre cast concrete sections as its roof.

The Opera house Sydney is not to far from Sydney harbor bridge another great Australian icon that was opened on March 19th 1932 by then Premier Jack Lang and is an important part of Sydney tourism.

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