Old Sydney Town

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Old Sydney Town .info has been put together primarily as an information site as a guide for potential travelers to Sydney Australia, hopefully making their stay an enjoyable one.100 3327 300x225 Old Sydney Town

Also Included on the site is information on the Old Sydney Town Theme park that closed it’s doors in 2003, it’s official opening in 1975 seen over 6 million people pass through it’s gates it now lays in disrepair ending many a good memory of young and old alike.

Above: The old piano in the Kings head Tavern at old Sydney town, all images on this site were taken by this sites Author/ webmaster (Stu) and are not copyrighted, feel free to use the images found within the sites pages and sub pages that have the www.oldsydneytown.info watermark, click images for full screen resolution.

100 3356 300x225 Old Sydney Town(Left) A shot of the old Dockyard buildings at Old Sydney Town with he crows nest in the foreground, please ignore all “timestamps” on the images as my camera won’t hold the current date in it’s memory.

This picture (below) is typical of the traditional early settler slab hut with a bark roof this was a very common method of building in the original Old Sydney town where the actual construction of the walls was built by the “hog backs” the first cuts off a log usually done back then by way of a pit saw, any cracks where the slabs did not butt up properly were filled with mud or broken up termite mound material.100 3305 300x225 Old Sydney Town

The roof was usually constructed of anything that was available in way of endemic species in the area, stringy bark (Eucalyptus laevopinea) being a good one, also any species of “box” which I think could of been used in the picture here to the left.

This method of  roofing was surprisingly water tight if the maintenance was kept up to it and rotten or broken slats were replaced, it was not uncommon for Families of 5 or 6 to live in these types of dwellings back when it was Old Sydney Town.

The old Brick kiln at Old Sydney town (below) was run by Convict labor and it was very important for the right type of clay to be used to ensure a good strong final product. Bricks that were moulded and fired in the kiln by Convict labor was usually marked by an upwards facing arrow and on some occasions the prisoners that made the brick would put his/ her thumb print into the brick.

100 3361 300x225 Old Sydney TownNearly all the old bricks have been taken from Old Sydney town by thieves and scroungers and apparently the “proper” convict made bricks are worth good money to the collector, still to this day there are buildings still standing in the City of Sydney that were constructed with these types of bricks made by Convict labor.

Some of the areas that were dug for the clay to make these bricks were Redfern, Newtown, Glebe, Balmain, and Camperdown Sydney (where I was Born) apparently these sites yielded very fine quality brick clay. The Scarborough a 430 ton Prison ship that left England in May 1787 and arrived in Australia in January 1788 was carrying 5000 bricks according to the Ships cargo manifest this was used to construct Government buildings and were probably the first bricks to be used as a building material in Australia.

brick kiln 300x225 Old Sydney TownLeft: A shot of the inside of the brick kiln with it’s glazed racks at Old Sydney Town.

Below: The outside of the old Observatory building in Old Sydney town, the building was built after a solid granite outcrop was excavated out and the building built inside of it.

Inside the Observatory itself there is a solid granite observatory 300x225 Old Sydney Towncolumn carved out of solid granite to accommodate the telescope which is long gone.

Why the telescope was mounted this way I have no idea, the only reason I can think of is maybe so as to not pickup any vibration upsetting the field of view that would obviously happen if it were built on a timber floor.

The Observatory dome Old Sydney Town (below) is made out of some sort of “doped” canvas like sail cloth and the whole dome can rotate inside a timber “race” the bearings being old cannon balls very
simple but effective.

Below: Old Sydney Town commercial from the 1980′s.